Creativity at Work!
Inky Hands Studio believes that art has the power  to strengthen community relationships,  to nurture social well-being, 
and to enhance the vitality of our local economy. Our intention is to ​design community-based art programs that will strengthen community connections through collaborative, hands-on art and design projects and encourage people to "contribute to the beauty
of the world (because it) is one of our most important strategies for sustainaing the world." (Sandra Lubarsky, Center for Ecoliteracy) 

High school printmaking class
Mighty Makers Club
Visit our pop-up learning space that fosters creative thinking, experimentation, and supports 21st century skills through creative play.​ 
High school printmaking class
Creative Community
A Place for Creative Makers!
Meet up with other creatives to collaborate, share ideas and skillsets, and work on new projects.