The Inky Hands Story

To make the world a happier, healthier, and more beautiful place throug the power of creative making! 

Inky Hands Studio wants to  inspire people to unleash their natural creative super powers and actively contribute to the beauty of the world. 
Our classes and events are designed to:
  • Awaken your natural creative talents
  • Nurture creative playfulness
  • Promote personal well-being
  • Boost  your creative confidence
  • Provide you with new skills
  • Cultivate meaningful community connections
  • Let you have FUN!  

Creative Play  +  Exploration  +  Personal  Well-Being   +  Handmade Happiness  +  Creative Confidence  +  Community Connections  +  FUN! ​
Welcome to Inky Hands Studio... 
We believe that everyone is a creative maker! 
Some people draw, paint or write poems, while others plant colorful gardens or cook delicious meals. Some people decorate spaces or put together the perfect outfit. Others design and build buildings and spaceships
or create new innovations for the future. We all have some type of creative tallent that allows us to express who we are. Inky Hands Studio is here to (re)connect with you creative spirit, boost your creative confidence and inspire you to unleash your creative super powers. Whatever your talent is, we want you to share with the world because the world will be a happier, healthier, more beautiful place for it. 

 All you have to do is...
Lynne Cassidy, M.Ed.
Owner of Inky Hands Studio
Licensed K-12 Art Educator 
​Certified Arts Integration Specialist
Creative Maker ​​