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Youth Art Classes

The Artful Eye
Photography & Mixed Media Art Class

This class has been created as a  partnership between Inky Hands Studio and Aperture of Hope .
Together we   want to reach out to kids, teens and adults that may be experiencing challenging life situations,
 We want to offer a positive, creative outlet that can help nurture their creative spirit, boost their creative confidence,
provide a healing connection with the outdoors, and ignite change with a renewed sense of hope!

In this class participants will explore the art of photography and visual storytelling by combining still imagery & mixed media.
Students will learn camera mechanics, basic to advance levels of photography, and explore the creative possibilities
of mixed media visual journaling different techniques of image transfers, collage, printmaking, mark making and paint.  

Class Structure: 
3 weeks –  Photography with Cath Adams + Aperture of Hope
Students will utilize the art of photography as a tool to explore and tell their story can be a positive outlet for challenging situations
and struggles one may encounter. Photography as a form of visual storytelling can incite emotions and send a message.
This is a great way for participants to explore their lives and work in a powerful and positive way.

3 weeks – Mixed Media Visual Journaling with Lynne Cassidy + Inky Hands Studio
            Student will create works of art that are inspired by their photography from weeks 1-3. 
Students will focus on their creative process and advance their storytelling skills as they create expressive mixed media artwork.
Students will experiment with different methods of layering, infuse words/writing prompts into the work and
learn different techniques of image transfers, collage, printmaking, mark making and paint.

 8-10 particpants
2 hrs. - 3:30-5:30pm
Cost: $240 

Location + Date: TBA

Class schedule is subject to change. 
Note: Classes will run with a minimum of 6 students and a maximum of 12 students. We will contact you if a class does not meet the minimum enrollment.

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